Turbo Flame


Turbo Flame

The Turbo Flame™ Torch is very versatile. It can be used with all fuel gases and is very safe to operate. The torch design prevents flashbacks even when piercing heavy, thick materials.



Key Features

  • Only the cutting nozzles are changed when going from one material size to another.
  • Throttle valves controlling the flow of gas and oxygen can be replaced individually.
  • Oxygen consumption is lower, which reduces the cost of utilities. This is achieved without any loss of cut quality or cutting speed.
  • The arrangement of the nozzle holes and preheat slots make cleaning easy with Messer Cutting Systems nozzle cleaners.
  • Each nozzle is individually tested for assured quality
  • Only four sizes of nozzles are required to cut material from 1/4 to 3 inches thick (6.35 to 7.62mm), compared to eight nozzles for other suppliers. This reduces the cost of stocking many nozzle sizes.
  • The Turbo Flame™ Torch can be used with the OL-200 Oxyfuel lifters.

Turbo Flame™ System

  • Torch including throttle valves and check valves
  • Turbo Flame™ nozzles for all fuel gases
  • Supply hoses (NFPA rated)
  • Regulation equipment
  • Torch holder mounts to all cutting machines

Available on these Quality Cutting Machines