Messer SicoMAT



If you need to cut areas up to 82′ (25m) or more wide with almost unlimited working lengths then the Sicomat is your best option.

For more than four decades, insiders have known that the optimum solution for the cutting of large area jobs is a Sicomat®. With bevel cutting heads for Oxyfuel and Plasma, a wide spectrum of marking processes and the possibility of having a sandblasting or grinding head, the Sicomat® covers all production requirements.

The rigid, double beam bridge design offers stability even with the heaviest tools, and the high accuracy is well known for remaining over many years, even in rough environments.

A high level of automation (even the weld edge geometry can be programmed and set automatically) ensures productivity and ease of operation.

SicoMat machines are used in shipbuilding, heavy engineering, and the manufacture of wind turbine towers.