Operation Training



 Automated Cutting Machinery Inc. and Messer-MG Systems Applications department engineers have over 34 years of cumulative experience, and also have the knowledge to take your productivity to the next level. They can train your personnel in your facility, book a time study for a specific section, or plan an online software demonstration that can be done in our well-equipped demonstration area. We are knowledgeable on all systems and are experts on Conventional Plasma, High Precision Plasma, Oxyfuel, and Beveling. We are also familiar with various CAD/CAM packages.

The innovation and high standards of the technology in our machines open new possibilities for you to meet the highest demands for quality and productivity. Even the best machine produces more efficiently when operated by skilled staff. This is why it is so important to us to make sure you and your staff are educated on how to use our machines and equipment to their fullest potential. All of our instructors have years of experience with cutting machines and will be able to answer all of your questions regarding metal cutting. In addition to the general information, they will show you how to obtain the best results, even for the toughest cutting tasks. Our specialists will educate participants in a practical manner, providing all of the knowledge and expertise to work with our plants, equipment and software.

You can visit our training facilities, or choose to train your staff on your site. Our instructors can show your machine operators how to cut in the most efficient way.

Key Features

  • Concentration of technical know-how into a comprehensive training
  • Documentation of our technical expertise and its implementation in practical training
  • Technically and pedagogically trained
  • Experienced trainers
  • Practical courses with hands-on learning techniques
  • Exchange of expertise with other participants
  • Secure use of systems
  • Less downtime after training
  • Motivated personnel

In addition, Automated Cutting Machinery Inc. and Messer-MG Systems Applications Department will answer your questions concerning:

  • Machine operation
  • Process variables
  • Programming
  • Cutting parameters to produce the best quality parts


Contact us to ask about our comprehensive training program.