Metal Master EVOLUTION


The Messer MetalMaster Evolution is a fast and efficient unitized CNC cutting machine that utilizes high definition plasma, plasma beveling, oxy-fuel cutting and marking systems to produce excellent quality parts.

The EVOLUTION delivers smooth edge quality, precise hole cutting, and high part accuracy through advanced engineering. Rugged construction and proven machine design lead to long-term durability and part accuracy over many years in production environments. The EVOLUTION supports multiple process including plasma beveling, oxyfuel cutting, drilling up to 3/8”, marking and pipe and tube cutting.

Messers patented Slagger® table comes standard on the Evolution for maximum productivity.  With the professional menu driven, feature rich, Global ControlS CNC easily makes every operator and expert.


  • Cutting widths: 6′, 8′, 10′.
  • Cutting lengths: 10′ to 50′ in 5′ increments.
  • Cut material from 26 ga. to 2” thick plate.
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Machine motion accuracy to +/- .002” in a 72”x 72” area verified with a laser interferometer.
  • Positioning speeds up to 1700 ipm with acceleration up to 38” per sec2.
  • Comes standard the Slagger® self-cleaning zoned and ducted dry exhaust table.
  • Global ControlS Windows® based with easy to use operator interface.
  • Right or left hand mounted control console with tilt and swivel for operator comfort.
  • Pedestal mounted console.
  • Multiple reference point positions for efficient start-of-cut locations.
  • Advanced plasma technology provides consistent piercing and faster cutting.
  • High-speed PL-1 lifter with SureStop Collision Sensor with easy and accurate reset. (880 ipm) with arc voltage height control and infinite adjustable programmable retract (only offered by Messer).
  • Fast installation and relocation due to modular design.
  • Virtual ServiceTM remote diagnostics and consultation.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to machine tool and ISO 230-2 standards.


  • Precision High Definition plasma up to 800A ( Hypertherm HPR130XD, HPR260XD, HPR400XD and HPR800XD)
  • Bevel-R 5 axis compact plasma bevel head
  • Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit for X-Axis.
  • Turbo Flame™ or ALFA Oxyfuel torches.
  • Up to two plasma torches
  • ALFA full automated high speed oxy-fuel torch
  • Omniflow oxyfuel automated gas regulation system.
  • Various plate markers: Plasma, Air Scribe, Ink Jet and Telesis® Pinstamp®.
  • Video Cameras.
  • Laser Pointer.
  • Global Reporter.
  • Slag Scoop or Slag Pit with Bucket.
  • Shuttle system with dual pallets.
  • Zoned light curtain system promotes safety while maintaining good accessibility for plate loading and unloading.
  • Shuttle systems with enclosure.
  • Storage retrieval tower system.
  • Plasma station outlet equipment.
  • Programming and nesting software.
  • Drilling up to 3/8” diameter.
  • Operator glare curtain.
  • Messer dust collector systems.
  • Sentry Service preventative maintenance program.
  • Flex Zone.
  • Pipe and Tube cutting.
  • Water Table


Messer BEVEL R Compact Plasma Bevel Head

Messer BEVEL R Compact Plasma Bevel Head