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Automated Cutting Machinery

Increase Output + Lower Costs Plasma + Oxyfuel + Drilling 24/7 Local Support in Canada Custom-Engineered For You Combination Laser + Plasma High Wattage Laser Cutting Flexible Sizes + Power Options Spare Parts In Stock

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Capable New Machinery

Discover the power of precision with ACMachinery’s custom-engineered automated cutting solutions. Explore flexible sizes and power options to increase your output and lower your costs.

Now Available: Hypertherm XPR460

Power your profitability with the new Hypertherm XPR460. Hypertherm plasma brings over fifty-five years of innovation to the world’s leading industrial solutions for plasma cutting, gouging, and marking for mechanized high-definition plasma cutters.

24/7 Local Support

Enhance your operations with ACMachinery’s comprehensive service offerings. From consultations to improve workflow and cost analysis for upgrades to machine installations, operator training, and diagnostic repairs, our expert team is dedicated to boosting your productivity.

With over 40 specialized technicians boasting more than 20 years of experience, we provide unparalleled support across Canada, ensuring your cutting equipment runs smoothly. Trust us for machine upgrades, relocations, and more, knowing that we supply 80% of steel service centers in Canada.