Video Camera

Get the MOST from your Messer Cutting Machine. Messer Optimized System Technology offers you the most when it comes to video technology.

Video Camera

Video Camera can be used by the operator as both an alignment tool and to monitor the cutting process. In manual mode, the operator can simply turn the crosshair “on” and capture 2, 3 or 5 points along the edge(s) of the plate to align the part program to the same angle as the plate. Turn the crosshair “off” for an unobstructed, glare-free view of the cutting process. The image is conveniently displayed on the 15″ LED screen of the Global Control. This feature is especially useful for monitoring the process operation on machines that are very wide and/or long, allowing the operator to get a “birds-eye” view of the cutting process without leaving the operator panel.

In the optional automatic mode, the video camera will automatically detect the edge(s) of the plate and also find the corner. This enhancement saves time and is more accurate than a typical laser pointer device. Additionally, the video camera can capture the rectangular size of a plate and then use this information to cut it into smaller pieces.

Key Features:

  • Setup time may be reduced by as much as 50% over
  • manual alignment using a standard laser pointer
  • Can be used to capture the rectangular size of a plate and then cut it into smaller pieces
  • More accurate than a laser pointer means less scrap
  • Streaming video or still photos seen by the video camera can aid in the diagnosis of failed parts, consumable life issues, edge quality, etc. over our Virtual Service (remote diagnostics) link.
  • The video camera is available on all Messer Global Control systems.


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