Telesis Pinstamp

Telesis Pinstamp

The Telesis® Pinstamp® marking system uses a reciprocation stylus and permanently prints messages on a variety of plate such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

The Telesis® Pinstamp® uses a harden pin and is pneumatically accelerated to indent dot matrix characters in the piece being marked. The shape, size density, and location of characters are determined by the Global Control. The marking head moves the pin cartridge through the X and Y-axis motion to reach the correct position for each dot of the character being marked. The Global Control automatically controls the pin extension and retraction to mark the message.




  • Marking still visible after painting or surface treatment
  • Wet paint only, powder paint will typically completely cover the mark
  • Text or line marking
  • TMP3200 depth from .006″ to .015″ (.152mm to .381mm)
  • TMP7000 depth from .010 to .030 (.254mm to .762mm)
  • Marking time dependent on required marking depth


Available on these Quality Cutting Machines