Pneumatic Punch Marking

Pneumatic Punch Marking

Pneumatic Punch Marking

Messer Cutting Systems’ Pneumatic Punch Marking machine provides impact impressions into the surface of the material being marked. The reciprocating punch is extended by air pressure and retracted by a spring. Best for material 1/4″ or thicker, the system is generally used for marking layout lines or hole locations. Character marking is also possible.

The following two modes of operation are normally associated with the Pneumatic Punch Marker:

Center punch for drilled hole location: The unit is positioned to the correct location utilizing a tool offset command and X/Y positioning commands. The punch is activated using the appropriate function commands available from the Global Control. A dwell command is inserted following the activate command to determine the depth of the impression. The dwell time may vary from one to ten seconds (time over 10 seconds will not increase the depth). The depth of the center punch will depend on the quality of the marker tip. A maximum impression would yield a center punch mark of approximately .010″ deep.

Scribe layout lines for secondary weldment stiffener, bend line, or assembly locations: The high frequency of the marking pin (9000BPM) will allow the machine to move the marker along a pre-programmed path while the unit is activated. The marker impressions will overlap at speeds under 100 IPM. At a speed of 250 IPM, the marks will appear as a series of dots separated by approximately .028″.




  • Operates at a stand-off distance of 1/4″, +/- 3/16″, to easily accommodate plate variation.
  • The high carbon steel marking pin has a diameter of .266 inches with the tip ground to 120 degree angle to provides a robust mark.
  • The hardened ground tip is easily removed for replacement or regrinding
  • An optional capacitive height sensor is offered to automatically maintain the recommended stand-off distance. Note: The height sensing probe will react negatively to water on the plate.
  • Available on all machine options

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