PL1 Torch Lifter

PL1 Torch Lifter

PL-1 Plasma Torch Lifter

The PL1 torch lifter combines plasma arc voltage monitoring with a CNC closed loop positioning axis to greatly enhance plasma height control. As accurate height control is very important in plasma cutting, this combination provides a higher duty cycle and better cut quality. The PL-1 torch lifter is available on select machine models.

The PL1 torch lifter height control is done through the CNC software, resulting in less hardware and more reliability. The system is flexible and allows the user to: program pierce height, retract distance, IHS slowdown height, and conditional height freeze. Set intimal height sensing via ohmic position detection. Se the arc voltage range (50-300 volts DC). Make servo loop adjustments for position and velocity gain. Set semi or full automatic operation.

The PL1 uses a 200W AC digital brushless servo motor and twin steel guide ways with a precision ball screw to provide travel lengths of 4″-8″, depending on machine application. Moving elements are sealed with protective steel strips and combine for tracking accuracy of +/- 0.3 arc volts.



Key Features:

  • Ultra fast positioning of 880 IPM with 075g acceleration, increases productivity by minimizing no-productive time.
  • Torch lifters utilizing Messer Optimized System Technology (MOST), can reduce cycle times by as much as 30% over previous designs.
  • Optimal positioning of the plasma, torch produces quality parts that require little to no secondary operations.
  • Non-productive time is greatly reduced due to an adaptive IHS system that “learns” the height of the plate on the cutting table
  • Includes our proven arc voltage sampling system to compensate for plasma electrode wear while producing accurate, repeatable parts.
  • Process optimization feature minimizes up/down time of the torch(es) between pierces.
  • Automatic consumable wear detection reduces operating costs while freeing the operator to perform other duties.

Available on these Quality Cutting Machines