Global Control Plus


Global Control Plus



Messer Cutting Systems Global Control Plus advanced technology, high reliability, easy to use and compact.

Our exclusive CNC control includes expertise gained from thousands of machine installations around the world. An extensive custom shape library, multiple process databases, CAD import, true-shape nesting, productivity monitoring and remote diagnostics are just some of the key features packaged in the industry’s only IP67 rated enclosure. In just a few minutes, new employees become expert operators.


  • Multiple process databases make every operator an expert
  • Modern graphical interface minimizes the learning curve
  • Industrial CNC computer with integrated PLC and motion control eliminates expensive, proprietary cards while providing high performance and reliability
  • Ethernet-based I/O system (EtherCAT) provides real-time
  • Updates with minimal cables that are hardened against RF noise
  • Downtime is minimized and new operators can be easily trained using our Virtual Service remote diagnostic software
  • True shape nesting and direct import of CAD files allow parts to be cut quickly on the shop floor with minimal scrap and without additional resources
  • Over 50+ standard shapes come standard. The software also allows for additional custom shapes to be created by the end-user
  • An 8-position joystick and feedrate override dial create an operator-friendly panel
  • Backup Tool keeps an image of the hard drive to minimize downtime due to virus activity, malware, etc.

Available on these Quality Cutting Machines