Large Gantry Machines


Laser, Oxy Fuel and CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Designed to support cutting widths from 12′ to 100′ , Messer Cutting Systems line of large gantry laser, oxy fuel, and CNC plasma cutting machines are uniquely suited for the job. These tremendous plate cutting machines are configured specifically for the demanding needs and production requirements of  large fabricators, steel service centres, shipbuilders  and wind tower manufacturing.

Messer Cutting Systems

Messer cutting systems has a long history in large format plate cutting and is proud to be the cutting partner of choice of more than 85% of North Americas steel service centres. Unique technology, proven reliability, local service and unmatched part quality set Messer Cutting Systems apart in this demanding market.

The Messer Cutting Systems line of large gantry machines include

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