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Just Released! Hypertherms “XPR300” XTREME Plasma System

UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE, UNBEATABLE OPERATING COST The lastest in plasma cutting technology from HYPERTHERM has arrived! The new XPR300 XTREME Definition plasma boasts improved cut quality across all materials, lower operating costs, advanced technology for extended consumable life and thicker cutting capacity. The new XPR300™ represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology, ever. This next generation […]

New Small Format High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

Messer Cutting Systems Inc has released an exciting new 5’x10′ high definition plasma cutting machine called the “Metal Master 2.0“. This new CNC plasma cutting table incorporates proven Messer technology from the Messer line of steel service centre style equipment in a compact and low cost package. The end result is a reliable and productive profile […]

What is the Best Plasma Cutting Table

What are CNC Plasma Tables? Plasma cutting is a quick high-quality method of cutting high alloy metals like aluminum as well as low alloyed steels. Essentially plasma involves gases that have been ionized to become electrically conductive, and used to cut through metal. The gaseous state helps to transfer energy through a plasma cutter torch from […]

Improving Machine Maintenance

Actions for Better Machine Maintenance Management Equipment will inevitably fail. One of our Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) goals at ACM is to extend and ease the time between machine failure or MTTF (mean time to failure). We support that with: Long-term Maintenance Strategies On-handle Repair and Consumable Parts Emergency Field Services Preparation is Your Solution We’ve got […]

Run To Failure Maintenance Strategy

Run to Failure (RTF) is the simplest type of maintenance strategy, where equipment is deliberately run until it breaks down. There are many negative impacts that RTF has that make it’s a poor maintenance strategy choice for any business; however there are a few exceptions. RTF Safety Concerns In the wrong situation, RTF can pose serious safety risks […]

Advantages of Structural Steel Processing Machines

Over the years structural steel processing has become heavily automated. As a result, rather than spending a large amount of time on tedious structural steel formats like beams, valuable time can be dedicated to less mundane, more interesting and critically important details. Advantages of Structural Steel Automation Automation improves business performance by increasing manufacturing productivity, safety […]

How To Avoid Machine Downtime

Machine downtime in any manufacturing capacity is a potentially dangerous and costly situation. It goes without saying; machine downtime affects your business’s bottom line. Minimizing this machine downtime will ensure efficiency, as in turn will ensure that the machinery will remain profitable. What is “Downtime” Exactly? Downtime, for the purpose of this article, is simply […]

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Knowing how to take care of your assets can be the difference between a productive year and a costly one. While you gear up for the upcoming busy summer season, we’ve listed a few tips to consider ensuring that you have the most productive year possible. Preventative Maintenance You may be asking yourself, “What is […]

Cutting Machine Spring Cleaning

After a slow but exciting holiday season, things are getting back into full swing as the warmer months start to roll in. Like any household, your business probably needs some serious cleaning, as sweeping it under the rug just won’t do. To this respect, ACM offers a wide range of services from replenishing consumables, repairs, […]

ACM integrates plasma cutting machine into Roll Forming line

A common goal of all companies from steel service centres to fabrication shops is to increase their margins. Increasing margins not only improves profitability but also provides the opportunity to be more competitive in their respective fields winning business that may not have been previously achievable. CASE STUDY Recently a large roll forming company approached Automated Cutting […]