Messer FiberBlade V

FiberBlade V, the new fifth generation high speed laser cutting machine, benefiting from Messer’s high speed cutting technology, can achieve top level productivity in the industry. Its’ simple and user-friendly HMI helps operator to produce high quality products  after short-term training.

FiberBlade V is the new generation of Global Control Plus CNC system including Messer’s proprietary technology. The technology is based on high-speed cutting capabilities developed by high-dynamic platforms which greatly increases production capacity.

The innovative ultra jump function shortens positioning time and improves processing efficiency.

Save Costs in Production with the FiberBlade V

High Efficiency

  • Based on the Messer high dynamic control platform, the high speed cutting function can greatly improve production.
  • Ultra jump function shortens positioning time and the cycle start time of laser emission on.
  • Offered auto plate alignment, auto optics focusing and auto gas pressure adjustment function.
  • Offered Datalog function generate production reports automatically.

Stable and Superior Processing Quality

  • Based on local materials, the standard database has been tested and verified
  • Based on parts from customer site, the sharp-angle cutting technology has been verified, and achieves good cutting quality
  • Benefit from lens condition monitoring technology, stable processing quality is guaranteed.

Minimum Downtime

  • The preventive maintenance tips and warning function reduces downtime.
  • Remote service, online diagnosis and troubleshooting when machine connected with internet, effectively reduces downtime and saves extra-service expenses.

New Generation of The Global Control System

The Messer FiberBlade V’s 24-inch colourful touch screen makes HMI extremely simple and friendly, effectively reduce preparing time. Features include split screen design and real-time monitoring. The screen is equipped with a simple, and verified database greatly reduces the frequency of parameter modification.

The ACM Advantage

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When you work with Automated Cutting Machinery, you receive quality support and service along with your new Messer FiberBlade V. ACM offers five full-time service technicians in Canada that can provide service. We also stock all critical spare parts in Ontario, Canada.