Sensomat-Pan Height Sensing


Sensomat-Pan Height Sensing

Sensomat-Pan Height Sensor reliably maintains the proper standoff distance between the oxyfuel torch tip and the work piece, without operator intervention. The Sensomat-Pan is an option to be used in conjunction with the OL- Series Lifters.

The Sensomat-Pan system uses ‘capacitive’ technology, with the probe acting as an antenna, to sense the presence of the plate. Actual measurements are compared to a set value, corresponding to the desired stand-off. The built-in logic commands the lifter motor to constantly move the station to obtain a zero difference between “actual” and “set”, achieving high accuracy of stand-off distance.

It operates using one of two different style sensing probes:

  • Ring 22, .866″ diameter sensing probe (Best used with thickness range = .079″ to 1.575″.
  • U-65, 2.56″ diameter sensing probe with 180 degree radius and open mouth “U shape” (Best used with a thickness range = 1.575″ to 3.15″)

Key Features:

  • Uses ‘Capacitive’ technology at 15 KHz, to provide high reliability and tolerance to harsh environments
  • Measuring accuracy of +/-.12″ and repeatability of +/-.04″ maintains part quality and optimum cutting speeds without operator intervention
  • Accommodates plate inclination of +/-3 degrees to work with wavy or warped plate
  • Height ‘freeze’ can be activated to allow cutting near the edge of the plate