Oxyfuel Contour Bevel Unit


Oxyfuel  Contour Bevel Unit

The Oxyfuel Contour Bevel Unit provides continuous bevel cuts in mild steel with automatic contour control, manual ignition and bevel angle adjustment. It cuts top and bottom bevels in a single pass. Electro/mechanical height sensing maintains proper stand-off, which results in accurate bevel cuts. The Z-Axis utilizes a motorized lifter slide for easy extension and retraction when moving from one part to the next. Cutting is fully controlled by Messer’s Global Control, easy-to-use touch screen control with a familiar Windows® style interface.

Key features:

  • Continuous rotation allows contour bevel cutting with no cable
  • “Un-wrap” cycle required
  • Electro/mechanical contact height sensing for accurate bevel cuts
  • Capable of K, V, and Y bevel configurations for versatility
  • Manual torch ignition and bevel angle adjustment
  • Z-Axis motorized lifter slide
  • Collision detection causes unit to raise