Laser Cutting Systems

Fiber Laser

Automated Cutting Machinery offers a wide range of laser cutting solutions to meet any requirement regardless of the type of metal, sheet size and/or thickness. We provide targeted advice and will recommend the best fit solution for your application. The Messer Cutting Systems laser portfolio of solutions include compact economical sheet lasers, large format plate lasers, high wattage power supplies, dual head laser, laser bevelling and laser with plasma combination machines. We are your single source supplier for advanced laser processing, material handling automation, software and advanced support.

An all around solution for most any laser cutting application. The compact and powerful Fiber Blade is sure to impress with its high speed, cut quality and reliability with flexible sizing from 5’x10’ up to 8’x20’ and laser wattages up to 20kw.

The Element 400L is the powerhouse of large format laser processing systems. Boasting a wide range of features which include laser bevelling, inkjet marking, pinstamp marking, dual head laser cutting, and laser/plasma combination cutting the Element 400L is the right choice for heavy cutting applications up to 10’x55’.

The Metalmaster Xcel boasts exceptional cutting precision and quality, coupled with rapid positioning and the highest acceleration capabilities. It effectively minimizes unproductive intervals and features a built-in self-cleaning table for enhanced functionality.