Automated Cutting Machinery provides a diverse range of oxyfuel cutting solutions tailored to accommodate a variety of metal types, sheet sizes and thicknesses. The Messer Cutting Systems oxyfuel portfolio includes compact and cost effective sheet cutting solutions, large format plate cutting systems and high-power oxyfuel supplies, dual-head oxyfuel configurations and innovative oxyfuel-plasma combinations machines. We are your all-in-one supplier for cutting-edge oxyfuel technology.

An economical solution for plate cutting needs offering a host of processes, cutting widths up to 10’, multiple torches and flexible cutting table types.

An ideal solution for heavy plate processing where maximum productivity and part quality are necessary. The Titan III combines Y-Axis linear ways with SureTrack pitch line rack and pinion drives to provide the smoothest cut edge and precise holes. Wider-end trucks with maximum guide roller spread further stabilizes the X-Axis motion for the utmost cut edge performance. Plasma beveling is available.

Messer has once again redefined maximum performance and productivity, this time with the new ELEMENT 400. With helical rack and pinion in all axes and 2,600 IPM top speed the ELEMENT 400 is the solution for companies who want to offer their customers the very best in cut quality and lowest cost per part. The Global Connect CNC control has built-in IoT4.0 and paperless factory functionality and is designed to work seamlessly with an optional Messer automated material handling system.


The MPC2000 is a heavy-duty workhorse plate processing system offering precision plasma, plasma beveling, oxyfuel, drilling (up to 2.5”), tapping, and markers, supported by four tool stations. The MPC2000 ensures clean, precise cuts and holes with high accuracy. Featuring linear motion ways and reliable AC servo drives, the MPC2000 delivers optimal machine performance.