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Titan 3

An ideal solution for heavy plate processing where maximum productivity and part quality are necessary. The Titan III combines Y-Axis linear ways with SureTrack pitch line rack and pinion drives to provide the smoothest cut edge and precise holes. Wider-end trucks with maximum guide roller spread further stabilizes the X-Axis motion for the utmost cut edge performance. Plasma beveling is available.

Machines manufactured in North America.


  • Cutting widths: 6′ to 16′
  • Cutting lengths: up to 150′
  • Contouring Speeds: 400 IPM
  • Positioning Speeds: Up to 1,700 IPM
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 12″
  • Motion accuracy: ± 0.010” in 72” travel with .010” repeatability measured with a laser interferometer per ISO 230-2


  • Plasma (Straight Cutting)
  • Plasma (Bevel Cutting)
  • Oxyfuel
  • Part Marking
  • Up to three stations will cover full rated cutting width

Standard Features

  • Processing up to 12” thick (depending on processes chosen)
  • Messer Global Plus CNC control with user-friendly touch screen interface
  • Up to 12 torch stations (maximum four plasma torches, depending on beam width)
  • Reinforced steel weldment construction with high rigidity beam (less than 0.001” bend and 0.002 degrees of twist)
  • Extremely smooth machine motion and cut part quality
  • Virtual Service™ remote consultation and diagnostics

Optional Features

  • Photo-Eye E-Stop system
  • Plasma up to 800 Amps
  • Advanced Oxyfuel technology (with an Omniflow automated gas regulation system)
  • High-speed automated Oxyfuel cutting Turbo Flame™ or ALFA™ Oxyfuel torches
  • Electric drilling up to ½” diameter
  • Various plate markers, including: Plasma, Ink-Jet, Air Scribe, Zinc Powder, and Telesis® Pinstamp
  • Delta-E Plasma Bevel Unit for best quality plasma beveling
  • Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit for X-Axis
  • Single or Three position Oxyfuel Bevel Units
  • Messer dust collection system
  • Sentry Service Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Visual Service adds a sense of sight to the troubleshooting process
  • Messer OMNIWIN nesting software (TrueShape Nesting)
  • Messer Machine Insight software (data collection and reporting)
  • Messer OmniFab software suite (Industry 4.0 / Paperless Factory)

Unsure if the Titan 3 is right for you?

Speak with an Automated Cutting Machinery specialist about your needs and maximize your productivity. Please complete the form below. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.