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NEW Hypertherm XPR460

Power your profitability! The Hypertherm® XPR460® is part of the world’s most powerful and versatile family of mechanized plasma cutters for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum over various thicknesses and imperfect surfaces. XPR460 pays you back with maximum versatility, productivity and precision. You can expect superior part-to-part consistency over consumable life from the first cut to the last. XPR460’s precision cutting produces parts with less dross and rework, reducing secondary operations.

  • Maximum 460A output
  • Max severance up to 4″ MS
  • Pierce and cut up to 2″ MS
  • Improved angularity over consumable life
  • Higher cut speeds on material 3/4″ and thicker
  • Fewer consumables than HPR400XD
  • Tech to prevent consumable/torch blow out
  • Improved bevel thickness and accuracy
Machines manufactured in North America.


  • Maximum open-circuit voltage: 360 VDC
  • Maximum output current: 460 A
  • Maximum output power: 102 kW
  • Output voltage: 50–222 VDC
  • 100% duty arc voltage: 222 V
  • Duty cycle rating: 100% at 102 kW, 40° C (104° F)
  • Operational ambient temperature range: -10° C–40° C (14° F–104° F)
  • Power factor: 0.98 at 102 kW
  • Cooling: Forced air (Class F)
  • Insulation: Class H
  • EMC emissions classification (CE models only): Class A
  • IP rating: IP21
  • Unit dimensions:
    • Height: 124.76 cm (49.12″)
    • Length: 127.28 cm (50.11″)
    • Width: 87.3 cm (34.5″)
  • Lift points:
    • Top lift eye weight rating: 680 kg (1,500 lb.)
    • Bottom lift truck slots

Standard Features

Widest versatility expands capabilities

  • Provides superior cutting versatility for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Offers the widest range of cutting power for various metals and thicknesses
  • Delivers high-quality, consistent cutting on imperfect metal surfaces, including paint and rust

Optimized productivity drives lower operating costs

  • Maximum power optimizes productivity by delivering higher cut quality, thicker cutting capability, and faster cutting speeds
  • Argon-assist technology enables piercing and edge-starting on the thickest mild steel and stainless steel
  • Cuts with oxygen up to 460 Amps, delivering the best cutting outcomes on mild steel
  • Exclusive Arc Response Technology™ intervenes in adverse events to preserve consumable life and prevent torch damage

Unsure if the Hypertherm XPR460 is right for you?

Speak with an Automated Cutting Machinery specialist about your needs and maximize your productivity. Please complete the form below. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.