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Kjellberg Q 3000

The Q 3000 and Q 3000 Plus plasma cutting machines deliver precise, highest-level plasma cutting and marking, with a maximum cutting current of 300A. Their modular design allows for future upgrades, ensuring that the Q 3000 Plus can be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

  • Advanced Digital Interface:
    • Q-Desk: A specially developed browser-based operator interface.
    • Real-time process data on any device.
    • Location-independent accessibility for maximum flexibility.
  • Enhanced User Experience:
    • Extensive information for planning and executing maintenance tasks.
    • System-guided assistance to streamline operations.

Developed through intensive research by Kjellberg, this new digital plasma series celebrates 60 years of plasma cutting history with groundbreaking advancements. The Q 3000 and Q 3000 Plus set pioneering standards in quality and connectivity, making them a landmark in the industry.

Experience the future of plasma cutting with the Q 3000 and Q 3000 Plus, where precision meets innovation.

Unsure if the Kjellberg Q 3000 is right for you?

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