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The TMC4500 DB is a top-tier thermal cutting machine, excelling in heavy-duty plate processing applications. With a robust dual box-beam gantry design created using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods, it ensures optimal performance and productivity in demanding production environments with multiple plasma and oxy-fuel torches. Plasma beveling plus drilling up to 4” diameter and tapping to 1-½” diameter is available. With many options available, your TMC is customized to fit your cutting needs to improve your shop’s productivity. Add an additional Pipe and Tube cutting package for round pipe beveling. This durable performer has proven its dependability in the demanding surroundings of shipyards, service centers, contract shops, and OEM manufacturers.

Machines manufactured in North America.


  • Cutting widths: 12′ to 28′
  • Cutting lengths: up to 200’
  • Contouring Speeds: 400 IPM
  • Positioning Speeds: up to 1400 IPM
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 12″
  • Drilling: up to 4” diameter
  • Tapping: up to 1-½” diameter
  • Drilling Spindle: CAT 50 Taper Spindle with mist coolant
  • Tool Changer: 24 tool rotary, Optional
  • Motion accuracy: ± 0.015” in 72” travel with .010” repeatability measured with a laser interferometer per ISO 230-2


  • Plasma (Straight Cutting)
  • Plasma (Bevel Cutting)
  • Oxyfuel (Straight Cutting)
  • Oxyfuel (Bevel Cutting)
  • Part Marking
  • Drilling
  • Tapping

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty, machined 115 lb/yd crane rail for X-Axis motion
  • Welded steel end trucks with precision machined mating surfaces with tolerances of .002”
  • Massive dual gantry process beams provide superior bending, and torsional strength for any tool combination
  • Precision linear Y-Axis way system with wide spacing provides rigid support for any process tools
  • Global ControlPlus, Windows® based with easy to use operator interface
  • Control slide mount system with optional glare curtain
  • Virtual Service™ remote consultation and diagnostics
  • Machine service power track in both X and Y-Axis
  • Messer’s high speed programmable lifters (880 ipm plasma, 300 ipm oxyfuel)
  • SureStop Collison Sensor with easy and accurate reset
  • Virtual Service™ remote consultation and diagnostics

Optional Features

  • Precision plasma up to 800 amps
  • Plasma bevel units: Infinity, Delta E and Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit for the X-Axis
  • Oxyfuel bevel units: Single Position, Triple Position, Contour, and DAF/L
  • Turbo FlameTM or ALFA oxyfuel torches
  • Lifters: SL Series for Oxyfuel, PL-1 Plasma Lifter with SureStop Collision Sensor, SensoMat®-PAN
  • Advanced oxyfuel technology with Omniflow automated gas control system
  • Auto torch spacing with programmable torch selection
  • FT100 Torch ignitor, and automatic height control for oxyfuel systems
  • Dual Hi-Lo for oxyfuel
  • Plate markers: Plasma, Air Scribe, Pneumatic Punch, Zinc Powder, Ink-Jet and Telesis® Pinstamp®
  • Video Cameras: Digital and Manual Plate Alignment
  • Laser Pointer
  • Global Reporter
  • Programming and nesting software
  • Drilling up to 4” diameter
  • Tapping up to 1-½” diameter
  • Operator glare curtain
  • Pull Cord and Photo Eye E-Stops
  • Plasma Air Booster
  • Rotary rail cleaners with rack air purge
  • Operator riding platform
  • Zoned and ducted exhaust tables, including self-cleaning Slagger®
  • Rotary Pipe and Tube cutting system
  • Messer dust collection system
  • Sentry Service Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Visual Service adds a sense of sight to the troubleshooting process
  • Messer OMNIWIN nesting software (TrueShape Nesting)
  • Messer Machine Insight software (data collection and reporting)
  • Messer OmniFab software suite (Industry 4.0 / Paperless Factory)

Unsure if the TMC4500 is right for you?

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