The Messer MPC2000 MC: A True Industry Powerhouse


When manufacturers demanded a faster, more accurate way of producing parts, the experts at Messer Cutting Systems were happy to accept the challenge.

Their answer was the new and improved MPC2000 MC, which features greatly enhanced drilling, tapping and milling capability, more robust design and higher acceleration drives. The new drilling and milling high-suction vacuum system coupled with the Slagger® self-cleaning table makes the work surface and work area cleaner while preventing chips from flying off the surface of the table. Also, there is a collection hopper for recycling steel chips.

Using the improved machining process allows the ability to drill, tap or mill critical internal features. External features are cut with the plasma or oxyfuel torch, all without moving the part to another piece of machining equipment. This machine has a multi-process capability including plasma and oxyfuel cutting, bevel cutting, and marking, all coupled with OmniWin software.


  • Drilling up to 2.5″ (63.5mm) in diameter
  • Tapping up to 1 1/2″ (38.1mm) in diameter
  • Milling
  • Marking: Plasma, Air Scribe, Inkjet, Part ID or #, bend lines, weld location, drill points
  • Cutting width: 12′ (3.657m) to 28′ (8.534m)
  • Cutting length: up to 200′ (60.69m)
  • Material thickness capacity: 26 ga. to 8″ (203.2mm) dependent on process
  • Materials processed: steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • Plasma bevelling for cutting contour bevels reduces weld-prep setup time
  • Plasma cutting with increased speed and thickness capacity
  • Oxyfuel cutting for thicker plate cutting
  • Linear motion ways and state-of-the-art AC servo drives
  • Oversized floor-mounted rail system coupled with AC drives provides rigid and stable foundation for smooth machine motion
  • Automatic chip extraction
  • Slagger® automated self-cleaning table for reduced cleaning downtimes
  • Can be equipped with multiple carriages and up to five separate processes
  • Easy-to-use GlobalControlPlus  touchscreen interface


  • Provides exceptional cut and machined quality
  • Drilling and milling that allows for more work to be done on the pierce part in a single handling
  • High accuracy, repeatability, and durability
  • Eliminates material handling between processing operations
  • Increases your margins by lowering your production costs
  • Gains new business with added capabilities
  • Does more with one machine – fewer pieces of equipment needed to make parts
  • Reduces labour input per part

Ask us about this precision cutting and machining system. The MPC2000 MC really does it all!

Messer MPC2000 MC Brochure