MetalMaster 2.0: Superior Cut Performance at a Low Cost

Attention millwrights, structural steel fabricators and manufacturers: Messer’s MetalMaster 2.0 is here and it offers great value.

If you’re seeking the high quality you’re accustomed to from big cutting houses but lack the floor space, volume or cost justification for these larger machines, then this 5’x10′ machine is the answer for you.

This ruggedly constructed yet compact system can be quickly installed and ready to use. Before the MetalMaster 2.0 arrived, most similarly sized machines were unsuited for heavy or high-definition cutting.

Standard & Optional Features

  • Rugged and compact design that supports up to 4” thick plate
  • Effective cutting area of 5 x 10 feet
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Comes standard with the latest X-Definition (XPR170 or XPR300) high- definition plasma-cutting systems from Hypertherm, capable of cutting up to 2” thick in mild steel
  • True Hole® technology for high-quality “bolt ready holes” in carbon steel
  • Advanced cutting of aluminum and stainless steel (depending on the plasma system you choose)
  • Optional conventional (Powermax 125) plasma for budget-friendly or less demanding applications
  • Maximum positioning speed of 1300 ipm reduces non-productive time between cuts and means more parts finished per shift
  • Table-mounted pedestal-style operator station for ease of access and safe operation
  • Integrated easily accessible cutting table for quick plate loading/unloading
  • Specially designed slag trays for easy table cleaning
  • Accessible from all sides for fast and safe loading and unloading of plate
  • Easy-to-use Global Control 2.0 with touchscreen interface and “wizard style” layout
  • Fast torch CSL lifter (1180 ipm) with CNC controlled Z axis for process optimization and advanced height control via arc-voltage control for improved nozzle life and cut quality
  • Messer Virtual Service™ offers true remote diagnostics (standard)
  • Glare shield assists with pre-start health and safety conformance (standard)
  • Laser pointer for fast and easy setup (standard)
  • Available with Turbo Flame™ oxyfuel torch with SureStop Collision Sensor and Omniflow gas control allowing for cutting up to 3”


  • Allows you to cut a wide range of materials right up to 3″ thick
  • Faster X-Y positioning speed, faster lifter speed and multiple, programmable lifter retract positions mean more parts finished per shift for lowest overall cost of cutting
  • Offers high-definition plasma with cut quality typically seen only in larger, more expensive machines
  • Compact footprint—the machine and Messer dust collector fit into a 12’ x 20’ area
  • Intelligent software that makes the system easy to use
  • CSA approved, installation and training included
  • True virtual service—resulting in significant savings in machine downtime and service charges over the life of the machine
  • Great price and excellent return on investment (ROI)

If you’re looking for a powerful and budget-friendly plasma machine that requires very little shop space and gives great cut quality, ask us about the Messer MetalMaster 2.0 plasma and oxyfuel cutting machine.