Hypertherm HPR130XD Plasma


The Hypertherm HPR130XD plasma delivers incomparable HyDefinition cut quality at half the operating costs of other systems, and is now available with patented True Hole technology.

Key advantages

  • New HDi thin stainless steel technology
  • Superior cut quality and consistency
  • Maximized productivity
  • Minimized operating cost
  • Unmatched reliability

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Operating data

  • Mild steel cut capacity
    Dross free cutting  16 mm (5/8″)
    Production pierce  32 mm (1-1/4″)
    Maximum cutting capacity  38 mm (1-1/2″)
  • Stainless steel cut capacity
    Production pierce  20 mm (3/4″)
    Maximum cutting capacity  25 mm (1″)
  • Aluminum cut capacity
    Production pierce  20 mm (3/4″)
    Maximum cutting capacity  25 mm (1″)

Superior cut quality and consistency

HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency, virtually eliminating the cost of secondary operations.

New HDi thin stainless steel technology delivers extremely sharp top edge quality, shiny surface finish, and superior angularity with reduced angle variation.HyDefinition and LongLife®, deliver more consistent cut quality over a longer period of time than other systems available on the market.Patented True Hole™ technology, for HyPerformance Plasma auto gas systems, produces hole quality that is significantly better than what has been previously achievable using plasma.*HyPerformance Plasma cuts mild steel and stainless steel from thick to thin with a mirror-like finish.Hypertherm consumables are manufactured with the highest quality standards to ensure consistent performance.


Unmatched reliability

Hypertherm combines four decades of experience and world-class design, manufacturing and testing processes to build in reliability that you can trust.


Reliable by design

During development, Hypertherm systems endure rigorous reliability testing procedures that are equivalent to years of use in extreme operating environments.Systems are subject to a wide range of temperatures, humidity levels, vibration, electrical noise, and incoming voltage to ensure that the final products are extremely robust.

Robust manufacturing and test processes

Best-in-class lean manufacturing processes reduce the opportunity for error ensuring every Hypertherm system meets our high quality standards.All Hypertherm systems go through extensive automated testing before they are shipped.Hypertherm’s manufacturing and test teams are dedicated to delivering the highest quality plasma products on the market.

Reliable operation

Self-diagnostics run automatically at startup and continually while cutting to ensure that the system operates at peak performance.


Maximized productivity

HyPerformance Plasma combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high up time to maximize productivity.

HyPerformance Plasma delivers HyDefinition precision at unprecedented cutting speeds to deliver more parts per hour.Rapid cut-to-cut and cut-to-mark cycle times result in less downtime between cuts.Quick-disconnect torch, auto gas console option and intuitive user interface all reduce set-up time.Long consumable life and high system reliability maximize productive “arc-on” time.

Minimized operating cost

HyPerformance Plasma lowers your cost per part and improves profitability.

More parts per hour

HyPerformance Plasma systems provide faster cut speeds to produce more parts per hour.Hypertherm’s patented PowerPierce® technology makes it possible to cut thicker than ever before and replace slower-cutting oxyfuel technology.HyPerformance Plasma’s superior quality and consistency maximize the number of parts produced per hour by minimizing time-consuming secondary operations.

Longer consumable life

LongLife and patented PowerPierce technologies significantly increase consumable life and reduce your cost per part.Hypertherm consumables are manufactured with the highest quality standards to ensure consistently longer life.

Do more with less power

LOGO_GreenerCuts_SPOTPatented consumable designs enable industry-leading cutting speeds and robust production piercing using lower amperage levels.HyPerformance Plasma enables extremely high cutting speeds per amp with less cutting current than other plasma solutions on the market.Hypertherm’s power supplies are designed to be extremely efficient in their use of electricity, enabling lower electrical expense and a reduced impact on the environment.

Technology that delivers

Hypertherm technology delivers more consistent cut quality for longer periods of time at half the operating cost.

HyDefinition technology Vented nozzle technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc.HyDefinition technology enables powerful precision cutting for superior quality and consistency on mild steel.New HDi technology now delivers HyDefinition quality to thin stainless steel cutting.

LongLife technology Ramps electrical current and gas pressure up and down in a tightly controlled manner.By reducing electrode and nozzle erosion, LongLife technology delivers consistent HyDefinition cut quality over the longest period of time for a significant reduction in operating cost and downtime.

Patented PowerPierce technology Liquid cooled shield technology repels molten metal during piercing.Patented PowerPierce liquid cooled shield repels molten metal during piercing for maximum pierce capability of up to 50 mm (2″) mild steel and 100 mm (4″) stainless steel.Patented consumable designs deliver speed and thickness capabilities expected of higher amp systems.

Patented True Hole technology Hypertherm’s True Hole cutting technology for mild steel is a specific combination of cutting parameters that is optimized for each material thickness and hole size automatically.True Hole technology virtually eliminates taper and minimizes and biases the ding to the outside of the hole.True Hole technology produces up to a 50% improvement in mild steel hole cylindricity when compared to other plasma systems available on the market.Learn more about patented True Hole™ technology.


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