Voortman V550

  • Flat and angle processing
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Layout marking
  • Automated handling
  • CE approved

The V550 is specially designed for punching and shearing both flat and angle profiles. Punching is possible in the horizontal and vertical plane. Required floor space is kept to a minimum by the innovative design of the machine. A servo driven layout marking tool to mark the bottom side of the profile is standard provided on the V550. Part numbers and all required contours can be drawn onto the product, making further processing and assembly easier and thus more efficient. The V550 is equipped with two powerful shears, one capable of cutting flats and the other of cutting angles.


6-fold punch Horizontal punch
The V550 has 6 punches available offering high flexibility. With a large capacity hydraulic pump, it creates the highest speed possible and is therefore the fastest punch in the market. For punching the holes in your angle steel, the V550 has a horizontal punching machine. It has the capacity of 70 tonnes (77 tons) for punching ø 31 mm in 16 mm thick material.
Drilling unit Layout marking by milling
This drilling unit is a perfect example how Voortman builds her program of machines. The drilling head as well the automatic tool changer with 5 tools, are the same as all other drilling machines in the Voortman range. This means the same large 30 kW servo drive with a maximum of torque in the full range from 1 up to 2.500 rpm: perfect for carbide drilling. Our new design of the drilling unit enables high speed drilling on less floor space. Layout marking is a standard feature on the V550. It is used for marking part numbers and of course all required lines and contours on your products for quick assembly of your construction. The layout marking unit is integrated in the horizontal punch.
Flat steel shear Angle steel shear
The flat steel shear has an unmatched stability and strength. The 220 tonnes (242 tons) capacity combines strength with high speed shearing. And standard, of course, mitre cuts +/- 45° possible. The angle steel shear now shears an angle according to a double cut principal. This means the benefit of the best quality possible of the products, unmatched in the world. And due to its new design, less floor space.
Servo drives Automatic infeed cross transfers
Due to the layout marking unit, the V550 is now equipped with servo drives: high controllable movements for perfect and accurate lines on your products. Next to that, high speed transport of the feeder truck, up to 70 m/min (229 ft/min). The cross transports with pneumatic drag-dogs, take care of the automatic infeed of the material on to the roller conveyor. There is space to load enough material, to run the system fully automatic for periods of time, without the need of an operator.
Automatic outfeed roller conveyor Product outfeed conveyor belt
To transport long products, Voortman offers the new designed outfeed roller conveyor. The rolls are motor driven to ensure high speed. After positioning, the long products will be pushed in cross direction. When producing short products, the first part of the conveyor will automatically go up, without any downtime of the machine. After the finished products are released they end up on the conveyor belt under the system. The products are fed in cross direction to a comfortable position at operator’s height or discharged in a product bin.
Automatic sorting system
To prevent additional work for the operator and to be able to nest the same width of material from different orders, this sorting system is your solution. With the VACAM software your products can be sorted in different bins, one bin for each order or phase. With this sorting system the output of your V550 punching and shearing system can easily be increased by 25%. This system can be combined with the automatic outfeed roller conveyor.