Voortman V505T

  • Tower industry
  • High production volume
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Carbide drilling
  • CE approved

The V505T punching and shearing machine is specially designed for punching, drilling and shearing of angles. A compact frame ensures fast installation and a small footprint for minimal loss of valuable workshop space. For precise and high speed measuring of profiles, a servo driven feeder truck measuring system with gripper is installed. Two drilling units and two punch units with multiple punches can be installed on the V505T. They contribute to the great flexibility of the machine, as well as the shear which can be used on four different sides with different radius for the best quality cut.


2x 3-fold rotating punch head Angle shear
v505-250t_punch-head v505-250t_angle-shear
The V505-250T can be equipped with 2 punch stations. Each station has a rotating punch head with three punches and a die holder with three dies. When different hole sizes are required, the machine switches automatically between punch and die diameters. The shear blades of the Voortman angle lines can be used on 4 sides, each having a different radius to ensure the best quality cut.
2x Drilling unit with tool changer High pressure hydraulic
v505-250t_drilling v505-250t_high-pressure-hydraulic
The V505-250T can also be equipped with 2 drilling units, each having a tool changer with 5 tools. All axes, including the 30 kW drilling motor, are synchronized servo drives for optimal performance. The hydraulic system of the angle lines is optimized to a high volume and maximum pressure and flow, making the punching and shearing speed extremely fast.
Feeder truck with material sensor
Making the V505T angle lines unique is the servo driven feeder truck, accelerating to its full speed of 100 m/min (328 ft/ min) in a fraction of time. The feeder truck is equipped with a material detection sensor eliminating manual intervention completely. It grips the material by itself and start processing immediately.
Fully customizable Servo driven spindles
Besides the extra versatility of adding a drill to the V505T punching and shearing line it can also be executed as a drilling and shearing line only. A compact high-productive machine which is able to produce high quality holes according current standards in for example the tower manufacturing industry. All the main movements within the machine are driven by synchronized servo drives with spindles, for example the movement of the punching frames and drilling units.
Automatic infeed cross transfers Automatic outfeed system
v505-250t_infeed v505-250t_outfeed
The entire infeed cross transport can be loaded with angles positioned next to each other. When the DSTV files are loaded, the system automatically separates the first angle and drops it down towards the roller conveyor. Rubber stoppers catch it just before hitting the rollers in order not to cause any damage. To ensure the Voortman angle lines fully automatic production cycle, an automatic outfeed system can be added. This system exists out of a short liftable conveyor section to drop small pieces behind the shear without damaging the roller conveyor, a driven material advance to push the angle forward until it is free from the machine and a tilting conveyor to drop the angles in either of the two outfeed positions.
Hydraulic numbering unit VM 8/13 numbering unit
v505-250t_hydraulic-numbering v505-250t_mua
The hydraulic numbering unit can be used to mark products with part numbers, so it can be recognized in further production steps. The disc holds 36 characters, which are selected automatically. The VM 8/13 exists out of a frequency driven rotating drum which contains 8 character magazines with each 13 characters. It can imprint a complete row of characters at once. When different character sets are required the machine switches automatically.


Angle steel mminch 60 x 6 – 250 x 292-3/8 x 1/4 – 9-7/8 x 1-1/8
Positioning servo motor
Positioning speed m/minf/min 100328
Hydraulic unit kWHp 3040
Hydraulic pressure barpsi 3505,075
Hydraulic flow L/minGal/min 26069
Punches 2 x 3 (option)
Punch capacity tonnestons 110 (metric)120
Angle shear tonnestons 500 (metric)
Drilling units 2 (option)
Nominal power kWHp 3040
Speed rpm 0 – 2.500 stepless
Tool changer 2 x 5
Drill holder SK40
Drill diameter mminch 5 – 4013/64 – 1-9/16
Thread tapping inch M6 – M301/4 – 15/16
Punch weight kglbs 6.50014,300
Drill weight kglbs 5.00011,000
Shear weight kglbs 4.0008,800