Voortman VB SAW

  • CE Approved

The Voortman band saw range is especially designed for cutting structural steel. The VB SAW range distinguishes itself though its stiff and rigid heavy frame. Equipped with the latest technology like servo motors and spindles, these systems guarantee optimal cutting speeds and high quality cuts. The band saws can be installed as standalone machines or in combination with other Voortman equipment.


Servo drive with spindle Stepless mitre setting
vb_spindle vb_mitre-setting
Voortman sawing systems are equipped with the latest technology; the hydraulic cylinders used for the feed are replaced by a servo motor and spindle. A big advantage is that manual settings of adjusting the hydraulic pressure are replaced by automatic settings coming directly from the VACA M control software. This gives you the optimal cutting speed for every cut! When the next cut in the batch is a mitre cut, the sawing machine lowers the tables for contact free rotation, and moves to the correct angle at any degree; the position is then fixed by a disk brake.
Full-stop length measuring system Feeder truck length measuring system
vb_measuring vb_feeder-truck
A full-stop measuring system positions a liftable stop plate just before the exact position to catch the profile moving at high speed using its detection plate. After the material is detected, the truck moves to the exact position and the material is slowly positioned against the stop plate. When the clamps of the sawing machine are closed the truck is lifted and moves to the next position. The stop plate is wide enough for bundle cutting. There are 2 types of feeder trucks; the first one only pushes the material forward, the other grips the material in order to move the profile forwards and backwards. Both systems move the profiles to the correct position one by one.
Micro cooling
A mixture of air and oil is sprayed directly onto the blade for optimal cooling. The result is a long lifetime of the blade and minimal cleaning. Voortman also includes an automatic “new blade cycle” in the control system to ensure maximum lifetime of every blade.
Bundle stop Height detection laser
To align bundles quickly, a bundle stop can be installed in the sawing system. The operator can push an entire bundle against the plate to make sure the front of all profiles is in the same position. When the sawing cycle is started the blade moves down at full speed until the height detection laser reaches the top of the material, at this point the machine switches over to sawing speed.
Automatic outfeed system for short products Pressure sensors
vb_outfeed-products vb_pressure-sensors
To increase the automation level of the sawing system, an automatic outfeed system for short products is available. All products up to 1.200 mm / 4 ft will be clamped during cutting. After cutting it will be transported from the saw and pushed out sideways. Clean cuts are dropped into a separate bin. Two pressure sensors are used to measure the actual sawing blade pressure. Collected data is used to constantly adapt the sawing speed, feed rate and pressure for the best cutting results with less wear of the sawing blade.
Roller feed measuring system Swarf brush
v704_roller-feed vb_swarf-brush
The VB sawing machine has the fastest measuring system available in the market; the Voortman roller feed measuring system. A driven roll and a pressure roll firmly clamp the profile and a separate measuring disk keeps a track of the profiles position while moving it with high speed. As the profile needs to be clamped only once, waiting time is eliminated. A motor driven steel brush, which rotates faster than the saw blade, removes the swarf to maximize the lifetime of the blade.


VB750 VB1050 VB1250
Operating range 0° mminch 450 x 75018 x 30 500 x 1.13020 x 44 600 x 1.25024 x 50
Operating range 15° mminch 450 x 70018 x 27-1/2 500 x 1.06020 x 41-23/32 600 x 1.20024 x 47-1/4
Operating range 30° mminch 450 x 62018 x 24-13/32 500 x 92520 x 36-13/32 600 x 1.00024 x 39-13/32
Operating range 45° mminch 450 x 48018 x 19 500 x 72520 x 28 600 x 85024 x 33-1/2
Operating range 60° mminch 450 x 30018 x 12 500 x 47020 x 18-1/2 600 x 50024 x 20
Feed hydraulic servo motor servo motor
Saw band drive kWHp 5,57.5 7,510 1115
Saw band speed m/minf/min 40 – 120
130 – 400
40 – 120130 – 400 40 – 120130 – 400
Saw band size mminch 41 x 1,31-5/8 x 3/64 54 x 1,62-1/8 x 1/16 67 x 1,62-5/8 x 1/16
Saw band inclination
Weight kglbs 6.00013,225 8.50018,750 10.00022,000