Improving Machine Maintenance

Actions for Better Machine Maintenance Management

Equipment will inevitably fail. One of our Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) goals at ACM is to extend and ease the time between machine failure or MTTF (mean time to failure). We support that with:

  • Long-term Maintenance Strategies
  • On-handle Repair and Consumable Parts
  • Emergency Field Services

Preparation is Your Solution
We’ve got You Covered

 Here’s a list of actionable steps to talk to give your company results for the short and long term:

  • Reach Out to Suppliers
    • Have a list of suppliers & technicians to contact in case of emergency
  • Documentation & Procedures
    • Implement lists for trouble shooting and diagnosis. This will help equipment operators become more efficient, as well as provide documentation for the future.

Tips for Improvements within a Few Months

  • Stay Proactive
    • Keep machinery clean and well cared for
  • Long-term Decisions
    • Keep a 20-25 year time frame in mind when making equipment and supplier decisions
  • Select Appropriate Maintenance Strategies
    • Preventative and Run to Failure are two of the most common maintenance strategies. When deciding consider the following
    • Evaluate past breakdowns and costs, as well as planning for future maintenance strategies
  • Monitor Equipment
    • Set an inspection regime
    • Measure criticality rates for equipment
    • Establish regimes to monitor equipment condition & performance
    • Implement Maintenance Planners

Tips for Results in a Year

  • Develop long-term partnerships with vendors and supplers
    • Allocates more time for work and less spent on shopping, trouble-shooting, and price comparisons
  • Chosen supplier should offer immediate support for any of your machines- commissioning, installation, adjustment, repair, retrofits, inspection, maintenance, training, and problem solving.

A Good Maintenance Management Strategy will go a long way in extending product longevity and time to failure. Do your research align your company with the right suppliers and vendors so in the event of the unexpected you how somewhere to turn.

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