Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Knowing how to take care of your assets can be the difference between a productive year and a costly one. While you gear up for the upcoming busy summer season, we’ve listed a few tips to consider ensuring that you have the most productive year possible.

Preventative Maintenance

You may be asking yourself, “What is preventative maintenance, and what can it do for me?”.
Preventative maintenance can be summarized in two words; Loss Minimization. The “Loss” can apply to anything, whether it’s a loss of production, safety, and even the environment. Any potential loss is a negative aspect that should be avoided; our preventative maintenance packages cover these setbacks with peace of mind.

Protect Your Workers – Protect Yourself
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The 5 Tiers of Preventative Maintenance

There are roughly 5 tiers that revolve around this concept:

  1. Repair – Respond quickly to an unexpected breakdown
  2. Fix – Fix it before the problem becomes too unmanageable
  3. Prevent – Prevent failure by systematic inspections
  4. Predict – Predict what parts will fail and replace before critical failures
  5. Total Preventative Maintenance – Machine operators are responsible for basic routine maintenance and inspection to help increase the rate of return.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Technicians and engineers view this from two angles, one being Breakdown Maintenance and the second being Preventative Maintenance. When we talk about Breakdown Maintenance we are referring to a machine that has no contingency plan for when it fails, except for calling a technician. This obviously has the negative effect of halting production, which can quickly become catastrophic when a deadline must be met.

Downtime is a huge loss, which can be amplified if one or multiple workers are injured in the process; causing your insurance rates to increase, leading to loss of wages for your workers, and even resulting in a government investigation, well as many other unwarranted circumstances. With a preventative maintenance plan in place, your liability and concerns are greatly minimized while your production can be vastly improved.