Advantages of Structural Steel Processing Machines

Over the years structural steel processing has become heavily automated. As a result, rather than spending a large amount of time on tedious structural steel formats like beams, valuable time can be dedicated to less mundane, more interesting and critically important details.

Advantages of Structural Steel Automation

Machine Automated Control PanelAutomation improves business performance by increasing manufacturing productivity, safety standards, and possibility while limiting costs and time delays.

Increased Productivity

  • Machinery is built to handle large production volumes while being able to repeat movements countless times with pinpoint accuracy. The results are programmed to meet exact specifications predictably every time, far superior to the work of hired employees.

Enhanced Safety

  • Structural steel automation also makes for a safer environment for employees. The chance for human error is virtually eliminate, while minimizing the risk of employee injuries.

Time Efficiency

  • Undoubtedly, processing machinery increases shop efficiency. Machinery speeds the fabrication process by working faster, longer, and without regular pause.

Reduced Production Costs

  • Investing in automation will significantly reduce costs while promising an immediate return on investment.
    • Human Labour Costs
      • Including employee payroll, sick days, benefits, taxes, and other indirect employee costs.
    • Production Costs:
      • Machinery accuracy eliminates waste and spares extra raw material, while also ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Large Automated MachineryNew Possibilities

  • Automated processing machinery will give your business a necessary advantage to remain competitive in today’s industries. Our machinery not only frees up floor space by being multi-purpose, but helps to improve workflow, as well as helping to increase productivity, all the while delivering an impressive ROI.

Structural Steel Processing Options

ACM, as a dealer of German-made Voortman Steel Machinery products, offer a number of structural steel processing options:

1) Beam Processing

2) Flat and Angle Processing

3) Surface Treatment

4) Plate Processing.

Voortman Connection After Sales Customer Service Support

Automated Cutting Machinery and Voortman Steel Machinery offer extensive customer service support. Machines are configured to suit your needs and depend on user production output, space availability and project types.

At Automated Cutting Machinery it is our duty to find the customize solution that gives you the greatest advantage.